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Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Update: Camp Every Thing has recently been going through some construction and remodeling, for those of you who didn't know. The camp has never REALLY been officially open but I've been letting the VIPs in to check out the newly added features. ( VIPs are: GalaxyGamer, FrumpyTrout, Stormchaser007, NORTRAX, and PlurbehGurbeh ) The staff at Camp Every Thing hopes to add more cabins in the future and other recreational activities. ( i.e. Mess Hall, Spelunking, and Trail Rides ) Aetherliv and I are very excited about all the changes coming to camp but until then we will remain closed. I'm sorry for the inconvenience everyone, we're hoping to open again soon. Until then, Happy camping everybody!!

:o Cool.Spelunking sounds interesting.

What is this camp?

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hi Uniduck! Thanks for the question. I have the entire description of camp copy and pasted below  ;D ⬇️

Hey everyone... For those of you who love nature, camping, and animals, An animal themed campground would be a dream! Well, lucky for you, one of those amazing campgrounds is opening soon... near you! Run by me-Equine_Xpert- and my bestie -Aetherliv- Every Thing Campground is the perfect place to chill out, play, and just have fun! All cabins are themed as different animal homes and the food even matches what that animal eats. When arriving you will be greeted by me! I'll guide you around, maybe give a tour and such. Have fun, and watch out for bear cabin.  ;)

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
To all the VIPs... Come take advantage of your free exclusive visits! They won't last for too much longer!


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