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Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Hello everyone! This is a survey where you can drop your suggestions for fun server activities! SarcasticENTP and I agreed we wanted to have more events like the barbecue and I want your ideas! The only requirement is that your idea be something a big group of people can do together. Just reply to this thread to share your ideas.

Have FUN!!

Maybe a parkour course or race? Or maybe a PvP tournament with classes that are pre-made? Another idea is maybe a dropper? Or a scavenger hunt? Mural drawing contest? Umm... Building contest? ...something else?

There is lots of things. Almost anything. Maybe a villager trading contest. I donít really know. Lots of stuff though.

Logic_Leader (Equine_Xpert):
Thank you Starry_Phantom for the suggestions! I particularly love the racing, pvp, and scavenger hunt ideas!


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